Territory - Park of the Queen

Wallich Pine - Pinus Wallichiana :

Also called pine of Himalaya from the area of origin, it was imported into Europe in the mid-nineteenth century.
Grows up to 50 meters, with triangular hair, not very dense, of greenish-gray silver colour.
Straight trunk with shiny gray bark when young, then dull and cracked.
Needle-like leaves in bundles of five sheathed at the base, green with grayish-white and glaucous nuances.
The needles are 15-25 cm long and pendulous.
The young branches are smooth, gray-green or glaucous coloured.
Male catkins are ovoid and yellowish, gathered in ears that release pollen in June; female cones are blue-green, cylindrical, supported by a long peduncle, long when mature up to 30 cm, light brown, pendulous and curved, very resinous.
Pine cones have scales with large apophyses furrowed and ending in obtuse umbo.
Popular ornamental plant for its elegant demeanor favored by long needles falling, has also been used in reforestation.