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Tulip tree - Liriodendron tulipifera :

Plant native to North-East America, which at a rate of 12 m in 20 years, comes to touch the 40 meters high and 2-3 m. wide.
Like all slow-growing species is long-lived, so that it can become a secular tree.
Belonging to the family of Magnoliacee, it is also known as the "Tulip Tree" because of its inflorescences which resemble tulips.
The leaves have a special lobed square with apices, they are deciduous and during fall they become creamy yellow coloured.
The large flowers are very pale green coloured and appear in June-July.
The dried fruits, 6-7 cm long, resemble of narrow and small pine cones.
The tree is also appreciated for its creamy-white precious wood, used in the marine industry, paper industry, in some fine work in carpentry, as well as for the construction of pianos.
The native tribes of North America called it "wooden canoe", because from just one adult trunk you can get enough wood to build a canoe from 20 people.