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American Storace - Liquidambar styraciflua :

Tree native to eastern North America, from southern Canada to Florida and Mexico.
It grows in mixed and fresh woods and was imported to Europe as an ornamental plant in 1810.
In the area of origin it can reach 40 meters in height, the trunk is straight and the long hair, slender first, becomes then largely a pyramid.
The bark is smooth and gray when young, then wrinkled and brownish.
Palmate leaves with 5-7 lobes, bright green colour which in the fall becomes purple violet, orange, yellow.
They are 12 cm long and have serrate margins and acuminate apex.
Monoecious plant: the male flowers, yellowish, are arranged in racemes ends of the branches; female ones are insulated and supported by a long eduncolo inserted at the base of the racemate.
The fruit is a woody capsule sitting as a globular infructescence. Each capsule contains 1 or 2 seeds.
The infructescence, at first green, it becomes woody and thorny for the persistence of styles.
From the ncision of the bark is collected a resin of incense aroma (liquid amber) that is used in the cosmetics as a perfume fixative.
In Europe and in Italy is used as an ornamental plant in gardens and parks.