Territory - Park of the Queen

Spanish fir - Abies Pinsapo :

Originating in the mountains of Spain is widespread in the south of the country. In the area west of Malaga between 1100-2000 m, the plants form small forests in association with oaks and pines. It prefers calcareous soils.
Very resistant to cold, so it is cultivated in parks and regions of the north, such as Sweden and Norway. It grows up to 30 m in height.
The stem, first gray, later becomes dark blackish. Pyramidal bearing. Trunk straight and slim, regular stages.
Leaves: Needle-like. 1-2 cm long, apex obtuse or pointed, gray-green in color.
Rigid but not sharp. They grow thickly brush around the twig.
The leaf buds are ovoid, resinous.
In May, on the same plant are formed both male and female flowers (monoecious).
Male cones, brown-reddish, emit pollen, which carried by the wind (wind pollination), pollinates the female cones that are located on the apical plant.
Ripening the fruit becomes woody and forms the cone (in October).
The latter has the form erect, cylindrical and reaches 15 cm in length and 2-3 of width.