Territory - Park of the Queen

Sofora of Japan - Sophora japonica :

Mesophilic-thermophilic plant native to China and Korea.
Introduced in Japan in very remote period, began to be used in Europe in the eighteenth century as an ornamental plant.
Beautiful cup-shaped foliage of the cultivar "Pendula", which has branches twisting like big snakes.
Bearing trunk and bark: grows up to 25 meters, with a wide crown horizontally, sometimes pendulous "pagoda" shaped (cv. Pendula).
The trunk, right or curvy, has a gray-brown bark covered by longitudinal grooves.
Leaves are deciduous, petiolate, alternate, imparipinnate, up to 25 cm, with 7-13 segments ovate-acute 5 cm long, entire margin, lighter underneath. The flowers are hermaphrodite, yellow or whitish collected into racemose inflorescence.
The lomento is cylindrical, strangled between the seeds, first green then yellow-brown, rich of transparent flesh, the seeds are globose.
It 'a very popular ornamental plant for gardens and parks (especially the cultivar "Pendula"), for his majestic bearing.