Territory - Park of the Queen

Giant Sequoia - Sequoiadendron giganteum :

Native to the western areas of the Sierra Nevada in California.
In the nineteenth century was introduced in Europe and in Italy, where there are also some specimens that are over 40 feet tall.
The higher samples are over 100 meters in height, it has majestic bearing, with pyramidal crowns, dark green, not very compact.
Straight trunk and mighty, it has a ribbed base that can exceed 10 meters in diameter.
The bark is spongy, soggy, velvety to the touch, and has brownish-pink coloring.
The leaves are evergreen, subulate and 4-8 cm long and arranged in a spiral around the branches and appressed.
Reproductive structure: monoecious species, with oblong cones at the ends of branches, the male ones are yellow and very rich in pollen, the female ones are green.
The fruit is an ovoid galbulo like a pine cone, up to 8 cm long, woody and red-brown when ripe.
Contains numerous small seeds that are flattened and light carried by the wind. The wood is highly prized for the construction of furniture for the beautiful rosy-brown color, its lightness and ease of workability and resistance to water and pests.