Territory - Park of the Queen

Oriental Plane - Platanus :

A native of the eastern Mediterranean, from southern Italy to the southern Balkans on the one hand through Anatolia goes up in Afghanistan and western Himalayan foothills, while the other goes to the Palestinian region.
Prerequisite for its development is the presence of water.
The trunk is very tapered and with notable diameters, however, it does not reach the heights of hybrid plantain. The bark is gray, reddish-brown and cream, it's slit into sheets which remain attached to the plant from one side only.
The leaves are lobed (five, sometimes seven lobes).
The lobes are elongated and pointed, the middle one is usually longer than wide, they have large breasts and sharp teeth.
A distinctive character which generally does not appear in Platano occidentalis and Platanus x-maple foil is that the central rib extends from a point not marginal.
The flowers are very small separated in clusters, the male yellowish while the female reddish.
The fruits are pendulous with a single stalk that joins up to 6, they are dense and brown colored.