Territory - Park of the Queen

Oak - Quercus Petraia :

Native to western and southern-central Europe.
It's difficult to find pure woods of oak.
It differs from Quercus pubescens (the most common oak present in Italy) for the larger dimensions of the stem and for the underside of the leaf that is glabrous.
It can reach 40 meters in height. The foliage tends to expand upwards.
Straight trunk, more convoluted in old specimens.
The bark soon becomes wrinkled, gray brown, with conspicuous longitudinal furrows.
Leaves are deciduous, simple, obovate-long lamina, margin lobed with rounded lobes.
It has unisexual flowers and the fruit is an acorn whose classical dome covering is made up of very adpressed lanceolate scales.
The mature pericarp is oblong, yellow-brown and shiny.
The oak wood is one of the finest, used for flooring, furniture, barrel aging of wines and spirits, etc..