Territory - Park of the Queen

Mountain Maple - Acer pseudoplatanus L :

It 's the largest European Maple, present from the Atlantic coasts of the Caspian Sea. In Italy it lacks only in Sardinia.
Tree that can reach considerable heights (up to 35 meters). Straight trunk and covered with a gray-brown bark, more or less dark, longitudinally furrowed.
The leaves are deciduous, with palmate-lobed lamina and serrated margin, dark green on the upper surface, grayish green at the bottom.
The flowers are grouped in pendulous cluster inflorescences (unisexual on the same individual - monoecious).
The fruits are characterized by two protuberances in the form of a wing to be transported by the wind.
It is a tree used for the tree-lined streets and beautification of parks and gardens.
It is also interesting for forestation and to the use of its wood, compact and homogeneous, used for furniture and upholstery.