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Lime - Tilia argentea hibrida :

The Lime belongs to the Malvaceae family.
Large tree and extremely durable, it has deep and expanded roots.
The trunk is quite robust and at the base often develop numerous suckers.
The leaves are alternate, asymmetrical, petiolate, with cordate base and pointed apex.
The flowers are hermaphrodite, scented, they have a cup of five sepals and a corolla with 5 yellowish petals, the stamens are numerous and anchored to the base to build numerous tufts, there is only one pistil with pentaocular ovary.
The fruits are in the form of an oval or spherical dry capsule with a quite ribbed surface, hairy and with a woody and fairly durable endocarp, called "carcerulo".
Due to its resistance to pollution, drought and frost, is highly regarded in the street trees and parks.