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Lagerstroemia - Lagerstroemia :

It's a plant native to eastern Asia belonging to the family of Lythraceae, a family of about 370 species, mostly herbaceous and often linked to wet environments.
It has a beautiful flowering (July to September).
Not exceeding 8 feet in height, it has a rounded crown, light, with branches apart.
Ribbed trunk, wider at the base and covered with a thin skin with yellowish white and darker patches.
Leaves: deciduous, opposite, distichous foil from llittica to lanceolate, apex acute.
The upper leaf is of glossy dark green colour, the lower clearer and opaque, they are up to 7 cm long.
It flowers in summer producing showy terminal panicles.
Flowers are a few cm wide and have a cup of six sepals and a corolla of six petals with a fingernail thin and elongated and an elegant wavy edge.
The color varies from purple to white. The fruit is a septifraga capsule that opens at the top along the margins of the carpels keeping intact the central axis.
The seeds are small.
It's a tree to flower and foliage much used in parks and street trees.
Have been selected many varieties that differ in color and behavior.