Territory - Park of the Queen

Judas Tree - Cercis siliquastrum :

It's a plant native throughout the Mediterranean basin.
It is located in the woods, preferably on chalky soil, up to 300-400 meters above sea level, along with Ilex, Oak and Hackberry.
In Italy it is present, generally in bushy formations, and in all regions up to the foothills.
Up to 8 meters high, has a rounded crown, fairly thick, light green in color.
Slender trunk, more or less oblique, sinuous, has a dark brown bark, cracked and wrinkled.
Leaves are deciduous and alternate, with long petioles, rounded, heart-shaped or kidney-shaped, light green.
Hermaphrodite flowers, in inflorescences sessile cluster (4-6).
They're present throughout the plant and have pink-purple colour, and there are also varieties with white flowers.
It blooms in March and April, before the leaves appear.
The fruit is a legume elongated and flattened.
Popular ornamental plant, is used for urban and parks for its beautiful flowers in spring and for its resistance to the atmosphere of the city.