Territory - Park of the Queen

Hornbeam - Carpinus betulus :

It 'a species native to southern Europe and eastern Europe and parts of Asia.
It can reach 25 m. of height.
Dark green foliage, compact, horizontal boxes. Straight trunk, ribbed, with thin, smooth, dark gray bark.
Leaves: deciduous, ovate, margin toothed, Penetration alternates, up to 10 cm.
Flowers: unisexual, the male in catkins, the female in spikes.
Also called Tree of Death is original Eurasia and North Africa.
In Italy it is present in parks and gardens, while in the wild is not common enough to be considered a protected species.
Exceed 20 m in height; has a very dark green foliage and shape of a pyramid, sometimes a policormic bush.
The yew is a long-lived plant and can live 2000 years.
It has a straight trunk with branches almost to the base, the bark is smooth, gray-brown, thin and tends to peel off in large plates.
Needle-like leaves up to 3 cm long, flattened, dark green and a little shiny above, lighter green with yellowish tinge beneath, apex acute but not pungent, are set on two apparently regular rows.
The male reproductive structures are small globular cones on the bottom of the branches, those female are isolated and at the base of the leaves.
The fruit is a arillocarpio, bell-shaped, red, mucilaginous and sugary with the seed at the center; very appreciated by disseminator birds.
The bark of the yew and the leaves are poisonous, the only non-poisonous part of the plant is the fruit (not the seeds) eaten by many species of birds.