Territory - Park of the Queen

Holm oak - Quercus ilex L :

Spread throughout the Mediterranean Basin.
Thermophilic species characteristic of the Mediterranean, can be found from sea level up to 600 m (even higher in Southern Italy).
It's one of the evergreen oaks.
Very durable, can reach a thousand years.
Up to 30 meters high with dense foliage, evergreen, very dark.
Trunk straight and sturdy with furrowed bark gray-brown, cracked in rectangular plates.
The leaves, persistent, leathery, vary greatly in shape and size.
They Are up to 7 cm long, with short petioles, glabrous upper blade, dark green and glossy, while the lower is tomentose, greyish with raised ribs.
The male flowers are arranged in clusters that form thread-like catkins, while the female ones, with short stalks, can be found on the branches singly or in groups of 2-3.
The acorn is up to 3 cm long and has a light gray dome with appressed scales.
Rich in tannin, oak wood is very hard and difficult to machine.
It's used especially as a plant forest and masts streets and parks.