Territory - Park of the Queen

Holly - Ilex aquifolium :

Native to the Atlantic and the Mediterranean to the Caucasus.
In Italy it is present in all regions.
Grows up to 10 meters, although some specimens in Sicily reach 18 meters.
It has dense foliage, dark green and glossy, pyramid shape.
The trunk is straight and cylindrical, with gray bark, thin and finely wrinkled.
Evergreen leaves, stiff, spiny, leathery, glossy, dark green on top and light below.
The flowers are unisexual and are of distinct individuals and small groups in leaf axils.
The male flowers with 4 petals spoon, are white with red border, and female ones are white with dark green ovary.
The fruits are almost spherical drupes of 8-10 mm in diameter and remain on the tree throughout the winter.
It has a hard and compact wood and, highly valued for cabinet-work and sculptures.
The drupes cause severe poisoning if ingested.