Territory - Park of the Queen

Hackberry - Celtis australis :

Native to the Mediterranean region, has spread from southern Spain to the Caucasus and western Asia.
In Italy it is quite common up to 600-700 meters above sea level.
It can live in stony ground, where the robust root system penetrates into the cracks of the rocks favoring their breakdown: hence another common name "stonebreaker."
It can reach 25 meters in height.
Large foliage, globular, dense but light, green light coloured. The bark is thin, light gray and smooth.
Leaves are deciduous, alternate, ovate-lanceolate, with petiole; dark green on the top and greyish-green and pubescent at the bottom.
Unisexual and bisexual flowers on the same plant, yellow, solitary or in groups, flowering in May, the fruits are pedunculated drupes, black when ripe.
Very used in the trees of the avenues, parks (fast-growing) and reforestation in stony and difficult grounds.
The wood, gray-white, is hard and elastic; good as fuel, it gives high-quality coal.
From the bark is estracted a yellow dyeing substance, while the birds are greedy of its fruits.