Territory - Park of the Queen

Colorado Spruce - Picea pungens:

It's a tree native to the regions of central and western North America.
Imported into Europe in the mid nineteenth century.
Grows up to 40 meters, with pyramidal and dense crowns.
It has an upright trunk where the main stem continues to grow at a rate greater than the lateral branches, it has thick branches, reddish-gray bark flakes.
The leaves are needle-like, tetragonal, up to 3 cm long, green or glaucous, rigid and pungent, fully inserted in a radial pattern on the branch.
The male flowers are small reddish apical cones, the female green, first erect then pendulous and brownish-yellow (8 cm long).
Used as an ornamental plant, many cultivars have been selected for gardens and even dwarf specimens, the most famous are "Glauca" and "Silver Kosteriana" that have a blue-gray foliage.