Territory - Park of the Queen

Caucasian fir - Abies nordmanniana :

Plant native to the Caucasus and Asia Minor, where it forms extensive forests.
Elegant bearing and conical-pyramidal-shaped foliage.
In areas of origin can reach 60 meters in height.
The young branches are hairy, the bark gray, smooth and thin seedlings, becomes rough and cracked in adult plants.
Leaves are evergreen, needle-like, flattened, with rounded apex, the underside has a silver band.
The male catkins are initially reddish raspberry-shaped, while females are isolated, cylindrical-conical, purplish brown, resinous scales with large and stocky, and are present on the highest stage, the cones are erect, about 15 cm long and are equipped with hooked scales.
In areas of origin is used as the essence of wood.
In Europe it is used for the production of Christmas trees. Several varieties selected for ornamental purposes.