Territory - Park of the Queen

Boxwood - Buxus sempervirens :

Erect and bushy evergreen shrub with a height varying between 2 and 4 m, it grows spontaneous in Italy in arid, rocky, mostly limestone areas.
Long-lived, with a characteristic odor, has strong roots anchor, stem swollen at the base, tortuous and branched, thick foliage.
The bark at first smooth and greenish, over time assumes a gray-whitish colour, it also has medicinal properties.
Opposite persistent leaves, sessile or shortly petiolate, dark green in color: shining above - lighter below, egg-shaped, oblong or rounded, with a smooth margin with the exception of the apex.
Flowers are unisexual, small, gathered in axillary clusters, the central flower is generally female, male ones are peripheral, the plant generally blooms from March until May.
The fruit has a characteristic form of dehiscence, to throw its seeds at long distance, they are brownish, shiny and rich in albumen.
The wood, rather fine, heavy and hard (when dry it has a specific gravity higher than water) is used in crafts.
Leaves and bark have medicinal applications even if they must, however, be used with extreme caution and respecting the doses, given that the whole plant is toxic.