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Beech - Fagus sylvatica :

The beech is a tipical European plant, present from southern Sweden to the mountains of Sicily and from the UK to Russia and Southeast Asia.
Tree with conical-globose foliage bearing, with a tendency to expand into adult plants, vegetation is thick and dense.
Reaches heights of 20 to 30 meters.
The trunk is straight, cylindrical when young, broadly grooved to old, thin rind occurs characteristically smooth and shiny, light gray.
The alternate leaves, ovate-elliptic, are 10-15 cm long, slightly wavy, ciliate on the margin, with secondary nerves straight and parallel, they have a short stalk and appear reddened at the beginning, then dark green above, lighter below.
The flowers are unisexual: the male ones in pendants glomerules each with a long stalk, female ones erected consisting of 1-2 flowers surrounded by 4 bracts wide top and numerous linear bracts below.
The beech wood, rather light, is easily attacked by termites, but it is widely used (especially it has been in the past) in construction and carpentry.
Very used also as an ornamental in parks and gardens.
Among the variety of ornamental interest: the var. pendula (with long drooping branches), the var. purpurea (leaves with red-winey) and var.
Asplenifolia (with characteristics deeply incised leaves).